Custom Compounded Nutrient-Based Medications

If you’re tired of taking lots of one-size-fits-all medications to unsuccessfully treat your issues, in partnership with leading compound pharmacies, we prescribe custom compounded nutrient-based medication developed specifically for you. Custom blending allows for a much easier, ideally dosed high-quality medication for each individual patient.

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Benefits of Compounded Medications

  • Extremely personalized to your body’s needs
  • Nutrients delivered in convenient dosages
  • Patients may take fewer prescription pills and supplements
  • Excellent for those with sensitivities/allergies to different ingredients
  • Confidence of quality, as it is made by a trusted provider
  • Provides the confidence that your medication is giving you exactly what you need

What are Custom Compounded Medications?

Custom compounded nutrient and hormone-based medications are one of the best functional medicine methods. In this process, nutrient and hormone-based medications are selected for you based on your lab results and are then combined into the right dosage to treat your health issues.

Whereas a traditional doctor will prescribe you a “one size fits all” pill to address perhaps one issue, we utilize the best integrative medicine practices by discovering the root of your issues, then selecting a variety of medications from compound pharmacies to treat them in compounded nutrients. We are all complex, and custom compounded medications are an excellent option for patients who may have multiple healthcare needs.

What is the Process?

If you’re interested in trying the best functional medicine practice of personalized therapy, you will book a free consultation with us. During this consultation, we will go over your health history, symptoms, and wellness goals. From there, you will have lab testing done so that we can determine what is making you feel the way you do. With the lab results and knowledge we get from these lab results, we can prescribe the right nutrient and hormone-based compounded medication for you…and you will be amazed at how quickly you begin feeling better. 

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“Making the decision to join Dr. Dubyak and his team at AIM360 was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Dr. Dubyak and his team are committed to ensuring their patients understand the issues that you describe to them, and through effective testing and planning, assist you to reach or create a jumpstart on your goals.” 

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BODY by AIM360: The Best Integrative Medicine in Pittsburgh

If you’re ready to experience the next level of customized treatment with the best integrative medicine in the Pittsburgh region, we invite you to book your consultation at BODY by AIM360. The entire target of what we do is all about lab testing and personalization of programs based on individual lab biomarkers. Most of our patients are tired of not having their doctors listen to them and are fed up with the traditional healthcare system, but we eliminate this frustration by truly listening to you to get you feeling better.

The Ultimate Customized Treatment

We know there are plenty of treatment options out there — but at BODY by AIM360, our approach to treatment begins with the why. We determine the best way to make you feel right in your own body again based on results from extraordinarily thorough lab testing. No two bodies are alike, and no two treatments are, either.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, balance hormones, optimize digestion, or get healthier skin, BODY by AIM360 will tailor a program specific to your body and your lab test results. Why try to find the best treatment yourself when we can do it for you? We encourage you to come in for a free consultation at one of our three Pittsburgh offices.

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Take The First Steps

If you want to begin feeling better in your own body, BODY by AIM360 is here for you. Just set up your free consultation with us, and health will follow.

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