Our Objective

The entire objective of what we do at BODY by AIM360 is to take a 360-degree approach to revitalize your weight, skin, gut, and hormone health using lab testing and personalization of programs based on individual lab biomarkers. By understanding what is going on inside your body, a game plan can be developed to correct it. 

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Forget Frustration and Start Feeling Better

If you’re like many of our patients, you’re tired of the traditional healthcare system. You don’t want to be on so many medications, and you’re exasperated with your doctor not listening to you. Most importantly, you’re looking for answers to why you feel the way you do. At BODY by AIM360, we carefully listen to you, and we utilize lab testing to determine the diet and/or supplements you need to start feeling like yourself again. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. 

Functional Lab Testing

Your next step to feeling better is to have comprehensive functional lab testing done. By understanding your lab biomarkers, health history, and goals, our team of integrative functional medicine practitioners will design a completely personalized program that fits you. With over 5,000+ patients successfully treated, BODY by AIM360 will help you look and feel better. Get ready to love life again. 

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How Does it Work?

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The first thing we do is have a consultation with you to learn about your body, health history, goals, and lab biomarkers.

We determine if you have hormone or GI imbalances or food sensitivities by ordering specific lab testing to discover the reasons why you feel the way you do.

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Within 2-4 weeks of completing your lab testing, you’ll work one-on-one with an integrative functional medicine practitioner on interpreting your lab results and understanding what they mean to your overall health and goals. This in-depth analysis — combined with your health history and symptoms — allows us to completely tailor your program. All medications and supplements will be mailed directly to your home.

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With access to compounded medications, nutrition IV therapy, supplements, specialty diets, coaching, and a personal team of doctors, nurses, and nutrition coaches to guide you to your goals, you will transform your body and change the way you feel.

Getting healthy and feeling better has never been so easy and personalized.

Changing Lives

Whether your goal is to lose weight, balance hormones, optimize digestion, or get healthier skin, BODY by AIM360 will tailor a program specific to your body and your lab test results. Our personalized programs are truly life-transforming, giving our patients a new lease on life and helping them feel like themselves again.

  • Weight: No other weight loss center in the Pittsburgh region develops a 100% personalized weight loss program around comprehensive lab results.
  • Hormones: We test over 60+ lab biomarkers, including 10+hormones so we can recommend both natural and traditional hormone balancing therapies. 
  • Gut: We offer a variety of nutrition IVs, shots, peptides, sprays, diet changes, and supplements to combat an unhealthy gut.
  • Skin: We will assess your skin using VISIA® Skin Analysis and speak with you to design a 100% personalized skin health program based on hormone, nutrient, gut, inflammation, and oxidative damage lab testing. 
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WHY is the high-level concept of what we do at BODY by AIM360. No two bodies are alike, and no two treatments are, either. That’s why we evaluate your unique lab biomarkers to understand why you look and/or feel the way you do.

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Are You Tired Of…

  • Your doctor not listening to you?
  • The traditional healthcare system?
  • Being given “one size fits all” medications?
  • Having constant digestive issues?
  • Having poor skin health?
  • Having no energy?
  • Feeling that every day is the same?
  • Living with a low quality of life?
  • Continually going through life not knowing why you look and feel the way you do?
  • Constantly trying on different clothes to try to look better? 
  • Having to be on continuous medications without any hope of discontinuing them?
  • Suffering from various medical conditions and symptoms that are prohibiting you from feeling right in your own body?
  • Experiencing poor sleep, being constantly tired, or finding yourself wanting to take naps throughout the day?
  • Being overweight without knowing why, and experiencing low self-esteem as a result?
  • Getting prescribed yet another medication when you just want answers?
  • Going through your day feeling empty and dragging through life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re like most of our patients were. After coming to BODY by AIM360, our patients:

  • Feel like they are living life again
  • Feel like they are in control of their body 
  • Feel confident
  • Feel reinvigorated
  • Love the way their clothes fit
  • Understand how to treat their issues
  • Have answers to why they feel and look the way they do
  • Have a renewed mental state where their happiness is restored
  • Are taking fewer medications 
  • Love how their body feels and what it looks like
  • Want to experience fun and exciting things again 

The Leader in Advanced Integrative Medicine

Why try to find the best treatment yourself when we can do it for you? Leave it to the experts. With BODY by AIM360’s three Pittsburgh locations, extensive testing, and tailored treatment plans, we will give you answers and get you back to feeling great.

Take The First Steps

If you want to begin feeling better in your own body, BODY by AIM360 is here for you. Just set up your free consultation with us, and health will follow.

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