Say Goodbye to Skin Issues

If you’re exhausted with seeing brand-new breakouts, the start of wrinkles, constantly dull skin, or loss of elasticity, our skin therapy can help you achieve the results you desire. Your individual treatment plan will be based on hormone, nutrient, gut, inflammation, and/or oxidative damage lab testing. 

Get the Healthiest Skin of Your Life

With our integrative lab testing, we will find the reason(s) why your skin looks the way it does. It could be hormone imbalances, a digestive problem, oxidative damage from the sun and other environmental factors, or something else. Once we pinpoint the core cause, we will provide a complete, 100% personalized skin health regimen that targets all the underlying causes. After visiting us, our patients love that they now understand why their skin looked the way it did, and they love having answers to their skin health issues. 

How We Treat the Skin

After comprehensive lab testing has identified the underlying cause of the skin condition, your personalized skincare regimen will be developed.

This regimen may include injectables, topical dermatology medications, vitamin IV therapy, natural-grade skincare creams, targeted nutritional supplements, and/or an age-defying diet program. Typical treatment includes a 60-90 day program and a follow-up with our integrative skin aesthetic practitioner or licensed esthetician.

The Ultimate Customized Treatment

We know there are plenty of treatment options out there — but at BODY by AIM360, our approach to treatment begins with the why. We determine the best way to make you feel right in your own body again based on results from extraordinarily thorough lab testing. No two bodies are alike, and no two treatments are, either.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, balance hormones, optimize digestion, or get healthier skin, BODY by AIM360 will tailor a program specific to your body and your lab test results. Why try to find the best treatment yourself when we can do it for you? We encourage you to come in for a free consultation at one of our three Pittsburgh offices.

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“Making the decision to join Dr. Dubyak and his team at AIM360 was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Dr. Dubyak and his team are committed to ensuring their patients understand the issues that you describe to them and through effective testing and planning, assist you to reach or create a jumpstart on your goals.” 

Melissa C.

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Why Choose BODY by AIM360 for Skin Therapy?

No other dermatologist, med spa, or physician in the Pittsburgh region does the extensive lab testing that we do at BODY by AIM360 to discover the underlying reason(s) why you might have facial eczema, psoriasis, acne, melasma, wrinkles, and so on.

Additionally, most patients have to see an OBGYN, PCP, dermatologist, and med spa in combination with purchasing many drugstore skincare creams to cover up their skin health issues. OBGYNs typically just give birth control and topical steroids; PCPs just give antibiotics; med spas only provide injections, and drugstore products are not very powerful. With our integrative skin health center, we are a one-stop-shop that provides injectables (such as BOTOX), dermatology medications, skincare creams, supplements, and more.

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How much does skin therapy cost at BODY by AIM360?

Is skin therapy safe?

Are there other treatments that are typically done with skin therapy?

How much does skin therapy cost at BODY by AIM360?

Our range for skin therapy pricing is $500 to $2,500.

Is skin therapy safe?

Yes, our skin therapy is very safe as long as the treatment plan is developed by a specialist. Our integrative medical team will review your health history and medications prior to making recommendations in order to avoid contraindications.

Are there other treatments that are typically done with skin therapy?

Treatment for gut health and hormones is frequently done alongside skin therapy.

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Take The First Steps

If you want to begin feeling better in your own body, BODY by AIM360 is here for you. Just set up your free consultation with us, and health will follow.

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